PawPrintsLife Photo Products

You can choose from a wide variety of our photo products:

Standard prints

We produce photographic prints using the finest archival inks and paper and a professional-grade Epson 4800 photographic printer (roughly the size of a desktop). Our prints are each manually corrected for color, exposure, and sharpness. We also manually crop each image.

- Standard sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20

- Wallets (2.5x3.5), 8 on a page, all one image

- Business cards (2x3.5), 10 on a page, all alike

- Custom sizes on request, for example to fit a frame you already have

Text can be added to any print for a small charge.

These examples show the relative sizes and shapes of a 4x6, a 5x7, an 8x10, and an 11x14:

Action Sequences and Composites/Collages

Each of these products is manually designed and painstakingly color- and exposure-balanced.

Action Sequences

We also do sequences of multiple successive images, such as the example at the left.

These products must be at least 11x14 in size, but 16x20 is better.

For some sequences, the combined images make a somewhat narrow strip that’s wider than it is tall. For those, we choose a color from the image itself and print a mat right on the image in or
der to make the overall print a standard 11x14 or 16x20 size. For an example of that, see the sequence at the bottom of this page. You can see there how the dark green printed mat turns the narrow strip of sequence into a standard size.

Printed examples don’t include the prominent copyright statement.

Here is another example of a sequence:

Collages or Composites

We custom-create photo collages or composites of images and text. These can commemorate a pet’s special accomplishments or just favorite memories.

Prices vary depending on size, number of images, complexity of design, etc.

To be most effective, collages or composites should be at least 11x14 in size. The ones pictured here were produced for 16x20.

We’ll be glad t
o help you select images for a collage or composite.

We generally do this work using only PawPrintsLife images.

Therapy Dog Cards and Business Cards

Paw Prints produces custom therapy dog cards. These cards typically contain a photo of the dog (a closeup is best), with several lines of text. Most cards contain the dog’s name, breed, the therapy association, and possibly the owner’s name and phone number.

We also create custom business cards for dog trainers, kennels, groomers, and other professionals.

There is an initial design charge for each card. Once the card is set up, you can order reprints (sheets of 10 cards) by phone, by email, or in person.

These cards are professionally designed and laid out in Photoshop software and printed on high-quality photo paper. Virgil hand-trims all cards to size.

Art Prints

Art prints include many types of artistic renderings of Paw Prints’ photos. These renderings can look soft (like pastels), sporty (like a poster), and lots of other variations. Here are some recent examples:

The image at the right is called Poster Treatment. It looks sporty and a little bit edgy. The image itself is 12x16. With the two mats (the wide pale blue and the narrow black, which are printed on the paper), the total size is 16x20. Mat color is usually selected from colors in the photo and can be customized. Printed examples don’t include the prominent copyright statement.

Here’s a detail that shows the grainy, poster-like treatment:

The example below is called Soft Pastel Treatment. It looks soothing and gentle, resembling the soft strokes of pastels. The printed mats (wide tan and narrow off-white) are taken from colors in the photo. The total size is 16x20; the image itself is 12x16. Printed examples don’t include the prominent copyright statement.

Here’s a detail showing the overall softness and the look of pastel strokes in this type of print:

Text can be added to any image, whether a standard print or an art print. Without text, however, the art prints do look more like art pieces.

All art prints and standard prints are produced on archival photographic paper with archival inks.

Below is another type of art print we can produce. This one is called Paint Treatment. Although it’s also a print, it looks as if it’s done in daubs of paint. Printed examples don’t include the copyright statement you see on these examples.

Images on CD

We also produce CDs. Each CD can hold many images (easily more than 100). The CD contains two versions of each image: a full-resolution, fully corrected file that’s ready for
printing and a reduced-resolution file that’s great for emailing or posting on Facebook, Twitter, or another website.

The front of each CD contains a photo that Virgil chooses from the CD contents, with information about the event and the date. It also contains a statement that grants permission for printing the images for personal use. You can also use the images on websites, in emails, and even in things like ads for breeders.

Gift certificates

To find out about PawPrintsLife gift certificates, click here.

If you’re interested in seeing examples of PawPrintsLife work, go to the Portraits, Agility, and Obedience pages on this site. Or contact Virgil by phone (513-779-8934) or email. Or talk to Rebecca at a show. We always have many samples with us, ranging from standard prints to various types of art prints. We’ll be glad to discuss options and pricing with you.