In August, we hosted a commitment ceremony and a party for friends and family. People came from far and near. It was a thrill to see everyone.
Our dogs Glory and Logan were in the ceremony (cat Lucy hid somewhere), along with our great nieces Jessie and Megan.
A dazzling array of cakes was provided by our friend Mary. We’ve never seen wedding cake vanish so quickly. People went back for multiple pieces!
Our good friend Debbie led the ceremony, and long-time friend Karen coordinated the food. Our photographer friend Terri took the photos. Many others helped in other ways, including my sister Susan and our friend Kippi, who both traveled here from hundreds of miles away.
Our guests kindly brought potluck dishes to share, and we served up barbecue. It was a touching personal time for Virgil and me, as well as a great party with laughter, music, and fun.
We recommend weddings that are a group effort. And we especially recommend the comfort of tying the knot while barefoot! (Yes, we had the backyard scooped so that no one would end up with an unwelcome souvenir.)
Virgil and I had already privately made our lasting commitment to each other, but we were delighted to share our hearts with friends and family on such a special day.http://www.sykesimmell.com

Virgil and Rebecca Tie the Knot