Business Income from Portrait Events

This is a suggestion that you may apply as it fits your individual circumstances.

PawPrintsLife charges a location photography fee to participate in an event sponsored by a for-profit business. That fee is currently $150 within a 40-mile radius of Dayton OH.

To defray that fee and ramp up participation, use the month before your event to sell photo sitting appointments to your clients for $10. Space the sittings 30 minutes apart. We’ll provide an event flyer for publicity upon request. Here’s an example:

Most businesses are able to secure 10-20 scheduled appointments before the actual event. Most people scheduled for a sitting will show up but some won’t. There is usually at least some open time in the schedule for walk-ins.

Sweeten the deal for your clients by offering a discount on your business’s sales or services related to event day. For example, if your shop sells dog costumes, offer a discount on costumes purchased that day. Or if your shop does dog grooming, offer a discount on grooming that’s followed by a photo sitting.

Here are some ideas for your portrait day:

  1. Spring Fling Portraits, with a spring costume contest

  2. Summer Dog Days Portraits, with a patriotic theme as well as kid-and-dog games

  3. Happy Howl-a-ween Portraits, with a costume contest

  4. Holiday Portraits, for individuals or family and pet groups—we can bring along an assortment of holiday props!

We’ll sweeten the deal for your customers by providing free web-ready files of images purchased.

We offer a wide range of photo products, including standard prints, CDs, and many types of composites/collages and art prints. See our Products page for examples. For examples of our backdrops, see “Backdrop Choices” on our Portraits page.

The finished prints and CDs are delivered within about two weeks, and they can go to the customers or to your business location for client pick-up. This gives you another contact and sales opportunity.

Keep the post-event sales momentum going by using some of the sitting f
ees you collected to buy simple but handsome matted frames for 8x10 prints. We’ll provide a free 8x10 print from your clients’ selections for each frame you hang in your public areas.

Customers love having their best friends featured at your business location! They tell their friends and make any excuse to visit your location and swell with pride over their pets. Display photos also make repeating a photography event a snap. Past customers are already sold on the service, and others ask when they’ll get the chance for a photo sitting.

With this simple model, you make money, PawPrintsLife makes money, and our clients are delighted.

Give it a try!